Frequently Asked Questions


What are the building blocks of the Leadsurfb2b marketing platform?

It contains different APIs which can be combined into a best fit solution:

  1. Lots and lots of special APIs like: web search, maps, news, sales triggers;
  2. Global and local company information APIs;
  3. Search, selection and analysis APIs;
  4. Fully integrated connectors to Salesforce & Dynamics CRM.

How long does it take to implement the solution?

The B2B marketing platform is a cloud solution and knows little to none implementation time:

  1. Standalone it is implemented immediately;
  2. Integrated with your CRM it will take us up to 2 hours to get you up and running.

Can you de-dupe from,or append to our existing client database?

Yes, we can de-dupe against your existing client list. For a simple de-dupe at company name level there is no extra charge, where you require a deeper de-dupe for example at contact name level then there will be a small fee to cover technical time. We do not offer a data appending service as such, however you may send us a list of (properly formatted) company names we will be happy to show you what matching data we have available.

How up-to-date is the b2b data?

Our data is refreshed on a constant rolling basis with almost 150,000 validation calls being made every month. On average 90% of the data is validated within 3-months. All premium data is downloaded from the live database at point of order.

What are the typical steps to getting started?

Your first step is to contact Leadsurf. We’ll organize a call to meet and discuss your specific needs. If there is a good fit, we’ll provide a customized marketing proposal based on your specific needs and objectives.

Is the data guaranteed?

Yes, all of our data is guaranteed. We operate a replace or credit policy on every database we sell. As members of The Direct Marketing association we adhere to their strict policies and guidelines.

What format does the data come in?

Most databases are downloaded from our secure server in Excel.We can offer most other formats on request (text, access, sql etc.)

Is your question not answered?

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