Social Media Validation

Trusted by millions, validated by social proof

For the business crowd, Web-based entertainment is a device to interface, connect with, and influence their objective segment, bringing about friendly approval. One of the best channels for checking client conduct and buying propensities is online entertainment. The capacity to find and join interpersonal organization URLs and segment data to a promoting data set is very significant.

Solidify Your Social Authority

LeadsurfB2B helps the relevant users and new audiences for both B2B and B2C campaigns with Twitter handles. We allow you to learn more about your contacts by analyzing their online activity through socially validated data and also finding new Facebook followers.

We engage with target consumers on Facebook and Twitter using tailored audiences, saving money on advertising by engaging just interested users. We evaluate B2B prospects, inform them, and engage with them on LinkedIn. As a result, a consistent brand image is delivered to the same customers over numerous channels, and influence is gained to retain customer brand loyalty.