Social Media Validation

Online marketing comprises many factors, strategies, and tactics, but all of them share a common end goal: to get more people to buy your products or services. To get there, you have to step past the competition, increase the traffic to your site, and build better relationships with your customers. The onset of social media has given brands a new means of achieving all three at the same time, at once improving the reputation of their brand and gaining more visibility and traction.

Online marketing is about more than raw visibility, however. Since the dawn of social media and the overabundance of traditional, sales-driven advertising, consumers have become more discerning, more skeptical, and less easily swayed. In order to win their business, you have to win their trust, and there’s one key strategy that can help you do it: Social Validation.

"How we do it …"

We socially validate

Facebook profile

Twitter handle

Linkedin Profile ID

We validate Company name and Title of each Contact in your database and match it against various existing social and web networks. This process is run to ensure that you identify the working contacts and their titles.