Travel and Tourism

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Tourism and travel are one of the most profitable enterprises today. There are numerous independent travel wholesalers in the tourist sector. Gaining a competitive advantage in such situations can take time with those complex webs of distribution channels.

Your local marketplace will always work differently than your overseas consumer base. As tourism aggregators, you must keep up with shifting travel patterns and market dynamics across distribution channels.

Empowering Travel Businesses with Real-time Data Solutions

In the tourism business, purchasing habits are always shifting. How can LeadsurfB2B assist you? Based on your specific needs, we can offer you any and all business contact information under the sun. When targeting high-intent leads, this allows your marketing and sales teams to focus more effort on fine-tuning selling propositions.

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Travel challenges

  • Ineffective administration of business-to-business commissions
  • Multiple agents involved, resulting in protracted sales cycles
  • Tour items are priced competitively.
  • Addressing complex trip package selling propositions precisely for effective targeting

Travel growth strategies

  • Use superior account profiling to separate sales-ready prospects from cold leads.
  • For guaranteed results, abandon trial-and-error marketing by teaming with seasoned growth partners.
  • Utilise end-to-end marketing solutions for thorough TAM analysis.

Main customer groups

  • Destination management organizers (DMOs)
  • Destination-specific OTAs
  • Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

Travel Industry Email List

# Speciality Available Email List
1 Tour Manager Email List 1,21,000
2 Travel Agencies Email List 98,893
3 Travelling Inventory Associate 86,763
4 Event Organizers Email List 76,638
5 Tourism officer Email List 69,280
6 Education Managers Email List 64,934
7 Vacation Agents Email List 58,203
8 Tour Operators Email List 55,159
9 Holiday Representatives Email List 51,994
10 Customer Service Manager Email List 47,393
11 Travel Consultant Email List 46,280
12 Outdoor Activities Managers Email List 39,700
13 Corporate Travel Online Agents Email List 35,030
14 Vice President Travel Services Email List 31,023
15 Hotel Managers Email List 28,876
16 Tourist Information Centre Manager Email List 22,923
17 Travel Agency Manager Email List 31,900

Here is the data count for each email list category. But keep in mind that the figure changes on a daily basis. Connect with us to learn about the most recent statistics.