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Retail industries are always sensitive to economic fluctuations. The situation can be more cumbersome when there is high competition in the market, along with a hike in the price of commodities

Latest retail is a completely different animal than traditional single-channel retail. However, we can assist you in acing the game by offering in-depth market intelligence on high-growth sectors. By segmenting prospects based on growth potential, your consumer packaged goods brand can establish new retail collaborations.

Inspiring lifestyles through exceptional retail

You can use bespoke B2B intelligence from LeadsurfB2B to determine the optimal distribution channels for your products. Personalise a list of leads by including demographic informations.

Access proprietary TAM expertise and geo-specific intelligence on your core consumers with LeadsurfB2B and establish long-lasting partnerships every time.

Your Comprehensive Retail Database Solution

Decision Makers of Retail Industry

  • Big-box stores
  • New Retail Corporations
  • Online merchants
  • E-commerce vendors High-end stors

Retail Solutions

  • Find low-cost innovation marketplaces.
  • Keep both old and new consumers happy.
  • Engage high-end retailers.
  • Recognize multichannel selling
  • Obtain industry-specific knowledge

Challenges of Retail Industry

  • Implementing to changing B2B customer attitudes
  • Maintaining up with the competition
  • Enabling consumer-centric product development
  • Identifying and capturing unique market sectors

Retail Industry Email List

# Speciality Available Email List
1 Automotive Sales Manager Email List 1,25,679
2 Automotive Parts Counter Person Email List 95,459
3 Convenience Stores Email List 86,999
4 Consumer Electronics Email List 76,764
5 Computers Shops Mailing List 69,023
6 Office Product Email List 64,934
7 Gift Stores and Florists Email List 58,205
8 Customer Service Representative Email List 55,567
9 Copywriter Email List 51,677
10 Associate Product Manager Email List 47,899
11 Assistant Store Manager Email List 46,734
12 Home Improvement Email List 39,622
13 Rent and Lease Services Email List 35,012
14 Gas Stations Mailing List 31,480
15 Books Stores Email List 28,700
16 Customer Service Manager Email List 22,640
17 Automotive Product Specialist Email List 31,534
18 Associate Merchandise Buyer Email List 35,037
19 Floor Manager Email List 31,788
20 Apparel and Accessories Shop Email List 28,055
21 Shopping Centers Email List 22,427
22 Sports Goods Shop Email List 31,651
23 Grocery Stores Email List 31,300

Here is the data count for each email list category. But keep in mind that the figure changes on a daily basis. Connect with us to learn about the most recent statistics.