Multichannel Prospect Lists

Multichannel Lists. Response improves and brands are strengthened when email and direct mail are used together, yet many marketers expect prospects to view their message through a single channel. They are overlooking the chance to establish a common branding thread and perhaps double their response.

Business prospects are increasingly demanding more targeted and personalised information, but they also want it in new and exciting ways. What compels them to act one day may be dismissed the next.

Multichannel campaigns allow you to improve response rates by targeting prospects based on industry sector, business size, location and job role, and then reaching out to them through a combination of marketing channels.

"How we do it …"

Establish the campaign’s aims and objectives decisively.

Ensure that messages in every channel have common branding ingredients.

Strict scheduling is established between different forms of mailing in order to integrate campaigns.

Different channels coordinate with each other with respect to their delivery time.