Multichannel Prospect Lists

Validation that adds credibility to your choices.

Though email and direct mail are utilized simultaneously, response increases and brands are enhanced; however, many marketers want prospects to view their message through a single channel. They are passing up an opportunity to build a shared branding thread and perhaps quadruple their response.

Using LeadsurfB2B's multi-channel prospect lists, you can keep numerous channels open for your leads. Don't limit yourself to communicating with prospects through a single channel. Channel your brand's visibility across many channels to develop a consistent communication thread.

Choose with confidence, backed by social proof.

Prepare to target our vast collection of diverse industry lists, which includes B2B executives, professional lists, healthcare professionals, IT professionals, financial professionals, architects, education industry email addresses, and many others, including key decision makers from almost every business worldwide.

Decide on the campaign's goals and objectives.Ensure that the branding ingredients are consistent across all channels.To integrate campaigns, strict scheduling is set between different types of mailing.Different channels synchronize their delivery times with one another.